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Mobile Phone Network Connections:

The most popular way to pay for your calls is by monthly contract.  You can also “pay as you go”, but a monthly contract is the most popular way to pay because:

  • you are billed for calls and monthly subscriptions, typically for a minimum contract period of 30 days, right up to 36 months;
  • there is a wider choice of services and handsets;
  • call charges and handsets are generally cheaper; and
  • you will get inclusive call minutes, text messages and data included in your monthly allowance and not charged for separately.  You will be able to use your allowance while you are in Europe at no extra charge and now some other worldwide countries as far away as USA, South Africa and Canada to name just a few.

Mobile Phones:

Normally we have a good selection of models in stock – you may already know which one you want, but if not, our experienced staff will explain the different models and their features so you can choose which is best for you.  Latest models are available in the shop for you to test.  Whether it’s an iPhone or a basic model, we will help find the phone for you.

The Sevenoaks Mobile Phone Centre is an official Apple iPhone accredited supplier.


At the Mobile Phone Centre we can provide iPads and other netbook computers with connections to the internet, either as part of your mobile phone contract or separately.  Phone us for details of the latest offers on these popular items.


We offer a range of mobile phone accessories for great prices in our shop including sim cards, phone chargers, batteries, bluetooth accessories, hands free kits, phone cases and covers, screen protectors, data cables and related mobile phone equipment.  If we don’t have something in stock or you are having difficulty finding something we can order it usually in a few days.