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Unlimited roaming minutes and texts in the Vodafone Europe Zone

At the beginning of the month Vodafone announced their most exciting news for a long time.

Unlimited standard minutes and text in the Vodafone European Zone

Albania (4G), Austria (4G), Belgium (4G), Bosnia, Bulgaria, Channel Islands (Jersey, Guernsey) (4G), Croatia (4G), Czech Republic (4G), Denmark (inc Faroe Islands) (4G), Estonia (4G), Finland (4G), France (4G), FrenchTerritories, Germany (4G), Gibraltar, Greece (4G), Hungary (4G), Iceland (4G), Isle of Man, Italy (inc Vatican City) (4G), Latvia (4G), Liechtenstein, Lithuania (4G), Luxembourg (4G), Malta, Monaco (4G), Netherlands (4G), Cyprus, Norway (4G), Poland (4G), Portugal (incl. Madeira) (4G), Republic of Ireland (4G), Romania (4G), San Marino, Slovakia (4G), Slovenia (4G), Spain (incl. Canary Islands) (4G), Sweden (4G), Switzerland (4G), Turkey

The new tariffs also have an inclusive data allowance to use in the same countries listed above.

The plans will cap customers once their roaming data allowance has been used up and the they will have the option to either opt out of the cap or buy more data to continue to use data.

They will also include an option to opt into a UK domestic data cap, which will cap customers once they reach the end of their UK data allowance.  They will then have the option to opt our of the cap or buy more data to continue to use it.

Customers who selected the new Vodafone tariffs will automatically have the ‘Vodafone World Traveller’ option included (although can opt out of this if they wish) This is where you can take your UK minutes, and text with you anywhere in the Vodafone World Traveller Zone.  It’ll cost just £5 extra a day (midnight to midnight in the capital city of the country you’re visiting) only on the days that you use mobile.

For more information and to find out if we can change your tariff to benefit from the above please get in touch with us soon.